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Monday, December 3, 2012

Why The Pepper So Hot? #SandwichRecipesWorldwide

Why The Pepper So Hot? #SandwichRecipesWorldwide

Pepper is not only delicious, but also can prevent food spoilage and extend the function of the storage time. The ancient Mayans used a mixture of pepper drugs to heal infected wounds, gastrointestinal diseases, and ear pain. The experiment proved that the pepper extract is a pharmaceutical raw material that can inhibit the growth of some microbial pathogenicity. But these are clearly not reason why chili evolved spicy.

The peppers spicy is from capsaicin. Capsaicin can stimulate the nerves on the tongue and skin sensor. These nerve sensors also responsible for the feelings of temperature rise. View on neurons and brain, the feeling of your mouth is not much different with fired. When the temperature rises to a certain extent, it will stimulate the secretion of adrenaline, resulting in rapid heart beat. The scientists say these the reaction is precisely the reason why people fascinated with pepper.

Human use pepper as spices have been at least 8,000 years. At the beginning, they used wild pepper. Adding some while in the production of potatoes, corn and cereals. Ancient Americas began planting pepper as early as 6000 years ago. But for the main purpose of pepper also controversial at that time. Human beings began planted peppers very early, and it spread to far away places, and the reason is very simple, because it is delicious, are you like the sweet potato pot insipid, or put pepper sweet potato? Researchers have different views, they feel that human beings are aware that peppers can prevent food spoilage for a long time, with he function of extending the storage time. Some researchers believe that the pepper has medicinal value. The ancient Mayans used a mixture of pepper drugs to heal infected wounds, gastrointestinal diseases, and ear pain. The experiments show that the pepper extract can inhibit the growth of some microorganisms pathogenic body, capsaicin was also used for local anesthesia.

In the process of research different varieties of pepper containing spiciness, the capsaicin manufacturer found that the lower the capsaicin concentration the higher the degree of fungal infections. In addition, the fungus in wet environments is the most active, but Bolivias pepper spiciness seems as the humidity changes: the environment is humid, the higher the degree of local capsaicin. In the laboratory, the discovery of the fungus in a spicy pepper easily trace capsaicin suppression, while in the high degree of spicy chili, fungus can withstand a higher concentration of capsaicin.

The capsaicin show the beauty of evolution. Plants with a special chemical substances against microbial --- human use of pepper borrow the same principle to preserve food --- but capsaicin does not prevent the birds dispersing seeds. Sometimes, the nature select to ask conflicts to species, in results, it evolved with a truly wonderful solution. The method of pepper against an enemy is a classic example.